Saving Lives & Sketching

So I painted a bunch today, but I can’t put that up here cause it’s top secret. What I CAN show you is what I did in my break time! First of all, I saved a life. Here’s the story, I won’t even exaggerate. I was in the shower and there was this little bug crawling on the wall (don’t trip now, there are bugs in your house too) and he was trying to crawl through a bunch of water droplets. I got out of the shower and forgot about him for a little while. When I remembered him, I looked on the wall and he was drowned in a droplet of water. He was dead, I swear. So i grabbed him off the wall, put him on a tissue, and dried him off. I stared at him for about 5 minutes and he didn’t move, but FINALLY one of his little legs twitched and EUREKA! he was alive. So I released him into the wild and hopefully he still has his bug skills and I didn’t tame him to much.

So anyway, after my heroic efforts, I painted some more and then I sketched a little bit. Sometimes I get in sketchy moods…haha. I’m not sure what inspired the robot one, but the octopussy one comes from my friend and partner in crime, Devon. She was telling us that back in 8th grade, her class was reading a book out loud. It came to her turn and her paragraph had the sentence, “Here pussy, pussy, pussy!” Obviously, the person was calling a cat but she was super embarrassed and the class laughed and that’d be awkward. So, that made me think of all the weird words that I feel awkward saying and one of them is octopus cause if you add a “sy” to the end, it turns into octopussy!!! AHHHHH!!!