Transformers: Dark Of The Moon 3D

Transformers 3 was INSANE! Visually, it was unbelievable. The things that the creators of Transformers were able to do with this movie were absolutely incredible, and I believed every second of it. This film will actually make you think that there are ginormous autobots and decepticons roaming the face of the Earth. The one aspect of this movie that sent it above and beyond the other 2 was the audio. Everything about it was epic in every sense of the word. The soundtrack was amazing and the sounds that they recorded and added to make everything seem real were nothing short of perfection. The things that people are able to achieve while working on a motion picture excite me to no end. I get frustrated filming, editing, and adding audio to a 30 second video! Watch this video and see how much work goes into creating just the audio in Transformers. Oh and go see the movie! Some of it was filmed in Detroit and even at CCS! Oh, and Harry Potter was good too.