A couple weeks ago, my friends and I embarked on a 10 hour journey to the UP. I think that we all had a vision in our minds of how the trip would turn out, but this trip was the fucking REAL WORLD. Like, “This is the story of 9 strangers living under one roof” type shit. The opening credits pop up and they show everyones smiling faces with stuff playing in the background like “FUCK YOU!” and “SHE’S A BITCH” and aaaallllll that shit! This trip WAS THAT and let me tell you, it was great! I’ve always wanted to be on The Real World and this was as close to it as I will ever get.

Literally the FIRST night we got to the house, there was a fight. Two of the three guys that were there apparently felt the need to almost punch the shit out of each other, so the chest-to-chest, so-close-we-could-make-out fighting began. Of course all of us girls stopped the fight and blah, blah, blah, and OF COURSE the guys were pissed and said “JUST LET US FIGHT!” So, Nadir and Adryan, next time I’m just going to sit back and watch you guys MAYBE fight. I’ll be ready with a camcorder and some fucking popcorn. So, that was the first day. Honestly, the rest is basically an alcohol fueled blur. I remember people crying, laughing, getting completely drunk, fire twirling, whispering, yelling, farting, EATING…oh god we ate a lot, screaming, toads, newts, turkeys, boobs, eating, drinking, yelling, eating….oh and we went to a fair. Oh, and a window was punched out on the last day. That was camping in a nutshell.

I have learned from this trip that I should speak up when something is bothering me, I should shut up when things don’t involve me, and any other time I should just have a friggin’ blast! (I have the last part down pretty well) So now that I’ve gotten all that out, here are some wonderful pictures of CAMPCATION 2011, and a video will pop up sooner or later.

Most requested song by Devon, on the trip.