Soul Punk

I have an incredibly huge soft spot for Fall Out Boy. They are one of the only bands who have consistently put out albums that I can listen to straight through and enjoy every second. Yes, a lot of people say “omg, fall out boy is like so emo, omg they probably slit their wrists and like cry and like other weird emo stuff” but, ugghhhhhhh I JUST LOVE THEM and I was so disappointed when they broke up. So, when I found out that Patrick Stump was gonna do his own thing, OBVIOUSLY I was excited.

I went out and bought his new album “Soul Punk” a couple days ago and it has been on blast in my car since then. If you like really up-beat music that makes you want to bust a move when you listen to it, then goooo buuuyyyy ittttt. It’s so wonderful and cheesy and beautiful and the awesome part is that Patrick produced the entire album himself. He played all the instruments, wrote all the songs, and produced every beat.

In conclusion, I love Fall Out Boy. I love anything that has to do with them. I don’t care what all you haters thinks. They. are. wonderful. And Soul Punk, even though it should have been called Electro Pop or something….is wonderful. I am a happy camper…THE END!
This is my favorite song off the album so far. Who doesn’t love a party song about drinking?