Thirsty Thursday

Every Thursday I’m thinking about posting a song that I’m feeling for the week, a song that I’ve liked forever, whatever. Why Thirsty Thursday you ask? Because you should be thirsty for a new jam duhhhhh. Anyway, music is one of the most magical things in existence and has the power to change the way a person feels or views something, so this is my opportunity to share that magic with you! And if you know of any songs that I would like, tell meeee 🙂 (are you supposed to use and at the beginning of a sentence?) AND….here is the song.

I mean wow. I mean wow, wow, wow. Mr. Levi Maestro always leads me to such wonderful things. The artists name is Riky Rick all the way from South Africa and this song that he created is so chill and relaxed, but it feels so happy at the same time. You know when a song just makes you feel good? Like in one of those Jeep Wrangler commercials when you see the girl with her hand out the window and the wind blowing in her hair and you get one of those sun beams shining through the camera lens? It sounds like that. I mean, wow.

It is now Freaky Friday.