Thirsty Thursday?

I’m late! I suck at keeping up with posts. Sorry to the 5 people who are reading this 🙂 I know you really need to know what song is featured today.

This weeks song comes to you from The Weeknd. His first digital album, House of Balloons, was released to the internet in March of 2011. Since then, he has release two more digital albums and has gained incredible popularity when he was featured on Drake’s latest album, Take Care.

The only way to describe The Weeknd is sexual. His voice is like melty chocolate and he always sings like he’s trying to get into a girls pants. For all you guys out there, YOUR WELCOME. Download the albums here, and when your girlfriend hates you…play this.

Anyway, here is my favorite song from his latest album, Echoes of Silence. I really enjoy cover songs because it shows the way an artist can put their own spin on an already popular song. Sometimes the artist has a shitty spin and they ruin the entire song and it sucks, but this Dirty Diana cover is insane. A lot of people think that Michael Jackson songs shouldn’t be messed with, but this is beautiful.