Back in Action

Apparently, I suck at posting in this everyday. Like, really suck. So here are all the pictures that I’ve taken since going AWOL for a few weeks.

This is my friend, Devon. She’s usually the one I’m going on adventures with.
This is Devon’s nephew. He’s the coolest 4 year old I know. He loves popsicles. I started the Insanity workout videos a few weeks ago…they’re insane. This is the spot I wore out on the lawn.We took Logan to the fair! He was super brave and went on this contraption.
Getting his face painted like a superhero!

My dog likes to lay in the sun. His name is Otis Jr. and he also likes carrots.
On Memorial Day we went to the beach and turned red. It hurt.These are sunburn blisters on my shoulder. (Gross, I know)
I started an internship at an advertising agency called Digitas. This was my first day.The creative cube made me this awesome welcome postcard! 🙂The view from the parking deck.Did a little bit of reading.

The end! I’ll try updating more frequently.