Color the D

ColorTheDPosters-03Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to type in that long address or click that link to get here! Much appreciated 🙂

I guess you’re wondering what all this is, so here we go. For class (of course), the chance Gods picked 4 locations in Detroit for me. From there I had to visit these 4 locations (Riverfront, People Mover, Eastern Market and Woodward) and study the surroundings. What I found is that Detroit is pretty dull and gray in the winter (duh!). Everything is frozen and nobody wants to come outside and play! Where’s the fun in that? I wanted to figure out a way to put some color back into Detroit (literally), activate a space, and have some fun doing it. That’s where “Color the D” was born.

What is this? Color the D is an event that I am putting together so we can make like kids and throw colorful stuff at each other. It is much like the event Color Me Rad; without all the running or $40 sign-up fee. I will provide the powder to throw at each other and might even bring some paint filled balloons along (non-toxic paint, of course). So if you like the idea of pulverizing your friend with color, then show up with the whitest clothes you own! (my magical powder is colored flour…just in case you’re allergic).

When is the event? Saturday March 30th, 1:00pm

Where is the event? In the Eastern Market area at Riopelle and Wilkins St.  Free parking in Lot 7. Field in which the color throwing will take place is right across from Lot 7.

Why would I do this? It’s free. You’re throwing color at people. In a field. You can scratch #37 off your bucket list.

Here is the boring field that will be not-so-boring when we are done! And also some of the bags of color. If you think you are going to attend, it would be awesome if you could give me a name and color so I could reserve a bag for you. I’ll even write your name on it! You could either comment below or however you want to tell me!

Thanks a bunch and I hope I see you there 🙂IMG_0902 photo