Shinola the Slug is Living

I got a package in the mail yesterday, and this beautiful hat was in it. I’ve been following Levi Maestro¬†for a few years now and PRAYING that he starts a clothing line. Well,… Continue reading

Getting a Potbelly

I went to Belle Isle today, but I didn’t take any pictures so here is my Potbelly sandwich. The lettuce kind of looks like bugs…..don’t worry, it was delicious. I love these little… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

Here’s my mom eating a crepe. And here’s a random boy that I found on the street. I gave him a bath.

CCS Student Show

I went to the CCS student show today. The level of work that comes out of the kids at CCS is absolutely insane. Sometimes when I walk through the show, I look at… Continue reading


Today was kind of boring and full of subs, so I day-dreamed of one day owning my own print shop. It will go a little something like this. Pug included.

Mary Poppins Visit

Today….Mary Poppins came to my house and helped me clean my room. She didn’t do a very thorough job.

starstrucksteez treez?

I really like doodling and I really like doing illustrations in Illustrator. WITH THOSE POWERS COMBINED…….BAM!!!! HA! Anyway, here is a doodle I did in History of Modern Design when I should have… Continue reading

Summer Softball

Softball is probably one of the best sports to play when you’re a college student. You can make a team of friends, drink while you’re playing, and pull five muscles. (It’s really hard… Continue reading


So, I’m going to try and post in this thing every day over the summer. It might be a little painful for you guys (whoever is reading), on account of I’m just an… Continue reading

Titty Tuesday