Campcation Teaser

I have all this wonderful footage from Campcation 2011 and I can’t let it go to waste, so! a video is in the works. Advertisements

Soul Punk

I have an incredibly huge soft spot for Fall Out Boy. They are one of the only bands who have consistently put out albums that I can listen to straight through and enjoy… Continue reading


Back To School

School came entirely too fast this year. I wasn’t prepared AT ALL, but I guess I have to get back into the swing of things. Waiting til the night before to draw out… Continue reading

Maestro Knows

Levi Maestro is one of the most awesome people I have never met. His online show, “Maestro Knows” is basically a look into his life and the people who inspire him to do… Continue reading


A couple weeks ago, my friends and I embarked on a 10 hour journey to the UP. I think that we all had a vision in our minds of how the trip would… Continue reading

71 POP

Today I went and checked out 71 POP. Here, in their own words, is what 71 POP is all about. “71 POP is a unique retail setting, which creates an opportunity for local emerging… Continue reading

Jenna Marbles…Thoughts On Shark Week

Hahaha, Jenna Marbles is FUNNY! She speaks the truth about Shark Week. I was watching it yesterday and they were the same exact stories that I saw from last year! With the same… Continue reading

starstrucksteez tee

Hello people! I screen printed a SSS shirt. WHAT UP HATERS! It came out a little sketchy, but oh well. And it kind of looks like a facebook box…im under the influence of… Continue reading

Morning Wood

Eric Lowry is one of the hardest working dudes I have ever met. On top of having his own clothing line (Freshman Clothing), customizing loads of shoes (El Cappy Customz), and skating a… Continue reading