Hoodie Allen: Leap Year

So, Hoodie Allen’s new mixtape “Leap Year” dropped today. If you don’t know Hoodie’s music, you should. I don’t really know how to describe him, but his sound is definitely something unique. He… Continue reading

Nom, nom, nom

Eating is one of my favorite things to do. Food is so…good, and you HAVE to eat it or else you die. So, if you have to eat stuff, you might as well… Continue reading

Yahoo! Answers: Can Acetone Cure My Cold?

As much as I enjoy inhaling acetone fumes and giving others summer colds, I decided to be responsible and buy a mask! Now all fumes are out, and all germs are in! All… Continue reading

Mike Posner and Rusko!

I know I just posted, but Cliff Skighwalker¬†just posted up a track from Mike Posner and Rusko. I love supporting people who come from Michigan, so I’m a big fan of Mike Posner!… Continue reading

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon 3D

Transformers 3 was INSANE! Visually, it was unbelievable. The things that the creators of Transformers were able to do with this movie were absolutely incredible, and I believed every second of it. This… Continue reading

Backyard Camping

    Friday night we all camped out in my friend Katie’s backyard. Summer is the best time for camping, playing games, and drinking. Allyson! Nadir and Hope having a boob contest. I… Continue reading

Madeon Mash-up

This. is. nuts. I wish I could download it! Can someone teach me how to use one of these?


Sorry I keep posting old videos people! I haven’t had the chance to do any new stuff. This one is from my first year at CCS as well. Our assignment was to make… Continue reading

Subway Kills

Here’s a video that I made in my first semester at CCS. The object of the assignment was to show an every day routine, but put a twist on it…or something like that.… Continue reading

Grand Haven 2011

Every once in a while, we all need to leave our cities and take a mini vacation. If you live in Michigan, Grand Haven is the perfect place to do it. Once you… Continue reading